A Legendary Win for Achilles, Hektor, Rossi and Zenda

Tony Munt and Achilies, Hektor, Rossi and Zenda took the title in Class 16, Driven, impressing the judge with immaculate turnout and presentation to lead ahead of 68 entries.

John Peacock, Driving Judge, described Tony’s four horses as a “Striking team [who are] going so well, everything is correct and they are so perfectly in step.”

In second place, Katie Whaley with Mooney and Tucker – “a lovely matched pair of horses” – drew admiration from both commentator and judge.  John described, “‘A lovely complete turnout, the groom in the back in the correct attire, perfectly matched pair, I couldn’t fault it at all.”

Third place went to a well-deserving Kelly Searle and Stockdale Black Prince, who were pictured in a flying trot, with one of the drivers hands raised to the crowd.  “The horse is reaching for new ground; it is going to cover the ground very economically,” said John.

A special mention went to fourth place – Ben Lawless and Tys, a junior driver – who John Peacock took a moment to return to after the judging had finished, to complimented the driver being, “So correct, handing his reins correctly and that is why is his up there.”


1st Place
Achilles, Hektor, Rossi and Zenda
Tony Munt


2nd Place
Mooney & Tucker
Katie Whaley


3rd Place
Stockdale Black Prince
Kelly Searle