A One-Two for Wallace

Friday afternoon kicked off at Virtual Windsor with an exceptionally strong Class 13, The Show Cob. Judge Nigel Hollings began with a quick explanation of what he was looking for in his winner, describing a horse for, “A country gentleman; very quiet, very easy to get on, very comfortable and very safe, but a horse which still has to be very good looking.”

The class was a one-two for Emma Wallace, who took the top two places with Colebourne and Dylan Thomas II. “I’ve been lucky enough to judge these two; they’re deep, they move well, and they are very, very typical of what we look for in a show cob.”

Of the winner, Nigel said, “I wish I could get on him myself. He’d certainly get you [commentator Nick Brooks-Ward] and I home after a lovely long lunch on a Sunday!”

The class was supported by The Mane Hub, with the winner receiving a goody bag of products.


1st Place
Dylan Thomas II
Emma Wallace


2nd Place
Emma Wallace


3rd Place
Rachelle Spencer