Breed Characteristics to the Fore in Mountain & Moorland

Supported by Horse & Hound, both sections of the Mountain and Moorland – Classes 14 and 15 – saw a strong turnout.

Traditional characteristic were high on the checklist for Judge Nigel Hollings, who said, “I think it’s very important in this modern age of showing where show horses have developed to become competition animals, to never forget what these types were truly bred for. We must preserve the characteristics of the working animals of the past. Every breed had a different function, and I think it’s so important that judges today take breed characteristics into judgement when looking at a class.”

After a win and a second in the Senior yesterday, Chloe Chubb continues a very successful Virtual Windsor in Class 14, the In Hand section, with Shilstone Rocks North Westerly. Second was Miranda Wallace’s Moortown Honeyman while Megan Gardiner’s Rengrove Georgie Girl came in third.

“The Shilstone Rocks prefix is one I remember with a lot of fondness, and this pony has so much character – he can sometimes be quite a handful! I cannot think of a better pony to represent the Mountain and Moorland In Hand,” said Nigel.

In the ridden section it was a second win for the multitalented Glenmore Gwennic, who took the Working Hunter Pony under Emma James on Monday. “I promise you, I did not know this was the same pony that had won the Working Hunter Pony!” said Nigel. “Because that was ten classes ago, and I only see the photograph. As soon as I opened this picture it just made me smile, and I though it’s got to be a good pony that beats this one! It is more of a working type, but that doesn’t take away from the elegance of that photograph.

In second and third place were Vicki Casey’s Kyleburn Mikado and Hayley Reynolds’s Oakdene Justin. Both winners will receive a year’s subscription to Horse and Hound.


1st Place
Shilstone Rocks North Westerly
Chloe Chubb


2nd Place
Moortown Honeyman
Miranda Wallace


3rd Place
Rengrove Georgie Girl
Megan Gardiner


1st Place
Glenmore Gwennic
Emma James


2nd Place
Kyleburn Mikado
Vicki Grace


3rd Place
Okedene Justin
Hayley Reynolds