Fiona McIntyre takes Precedence in RoR In Hand

Chief Judge Nigel Hollings opened the first class of Thursday at Virtual Windsor 2020 by talking about the Retraining of Racehorses initiative, which comprised two classes during the morning’s judging. RoR has grown tremendously in the past five years, and Nigel was keen to remark upon the value of show horses having a “second” career.

The winner of Class 7, Retraining of Racehorses In-Hand, Fiona McIntyre and Precedence, certainly ticked all the boxes.  “A stunning horse, full of quality and limb, which immediately caught my attention,” said Nigel. Precedence has won a prize kindly supplied by LeMieux horse products.

In second place was Jacqueline Knell’s chestnut Dawn Fox, who impressed in a strong field with Nigel remarking, ‘A lovely balanced horse, so full of quality but what really struck me was the way in which the horse carried himself’.

Third place went to Will Morton and the Saint Are Syndicate’s Saint Are. Described by Nigel as ‘a beautiful horse, the way he stands four square on the ground, a wonderful example of what he represents’. Saint Are isn’t a stranger to top competition, having previously run five times in the Grand National, finishing second in 2015.


1st Place
Fiona McIntyre


2nd place
Dawn Fox
Jacqueline Knell


3rd place
Saint Are
Will Morton
Owned by the Saint Are Syndicate