Glenmore Gwennic is Supreme Virtual Windsor Champion

It was a unanimous decision from the judges to award dun Connemara stallion Glenmore Gwennic the Virtual Windsor Supreme Championship on the Sunday of Virtual Show week.

Above all of the 4,200+ entries seen during Show Week, including a handful of showing legends, Glenmore Gwennic and Emma James won two of the 24 classes with two different photos to move forward into the final. On the occasion of their second win in the M&M Ridden, judge Nigel Hollings reminded the audience, “I promise you, I did not know this was the same pony that had won the Working Hunter Pony because that was ten classes ago, and I only see the photograph not the names!”

“This pony stood out for both of you, it was a clear winner,” said commentator Nick Brooks-Ward as he introduced the Championship judges, Nigel Hollings and John Peacock. “This pony absolutely jumped off the screen when I first saw it, and it went straight down at the top of the list,” agreed John.

“I could see this pony in the main ring at Windsor on its lap of honour,” said Chief Virtual Windsor Judge, Nigel Hollings. “The minute I opened that photograph it made my heart sing, and it made me smile all day. ” The winner receives a Voltaire Design bridle and a Holland Cooper Team Jacket alongside their Championship rosettes kindly supplied by Rosettes Direct.

Reserve Supreme Champion went to Ella Pybus and Just Murphy II. “What I love about this pony is that you could make it into a bigger version and still have a true stamp of a Show Hunter,” said Nigel. “Its movement and it’s energy are remarkable, and it’s such an amazing photograph with atmospheric background.”

Second Reserve Champion, Tony Munt’s Achilles, Hektor, Rossi and Zenda, were fittingly announced by Judge John Peacock .”They are beautifully turned out and going so well,” he said. “Everything absolutely turned out to perfection. It’s so difficult putting something like this in amongst all these wonderful ponies, but that’s where it deserves to be. ” Tony was also presented with a magnum of AIX rose for the Best Turned Out in the Championship.


Supreme Champion
Glenmore Gwennic
Emma James
Winner of the Voltaire Design Bridle and the Holland Cooper Team Jacket 


Reserve Supreme Champion
Just Murphy II
Ella Pybus


Second Reserve Supreme Champion
Achilles, Hektor, Rossi and Zenda
Tony Munt
Winner of the magnum of AIX rose for the Best Turned Out