Goodness Gracious It’s A Win!

Liberty Taylor-Hopkins and Whalton Goodness Gracious took Class 21, Show Hack and Riding Horse, earning admiring marks from the judge for their overall presentation which just pipped them to the title ahead of Lauren Freitag and Pohlands Grimor.

Of Whalton Goodness Gracious, Judge Nigel Hollings said, “You can see by this horse’s stride it is quality. I love this photograph, look at the concentration on the jockey, the movement of the horse and of course the quality too, I thought it was stunning.”

Best Turned Out, and Second placed Lauren Freitag and Pohlands Grimor were also complimented. “It was such a beautiful picture. That horse, you couldn’t ask it to be turned out any better than that, the photograph just gleams at you.” In third place was Tracy Heaver and Tabatha.

Equi-Jewel kindly supported this class, supplying a browband to the winner.


1st Place
Liberty Taylor-Hopkins
Whalton Goodness Gracious


2nd Place
Best Turned Out
Pohlands Grimior
Lauren Freitag


3rd Place
Tracy Heaver