How To Judge: Online Showing

In this series, we take a look at the Royal Windsor Horse Show judges’ notes to see exactly what we’re expecting from our Champions!

Online Showing is quite a different experience from a visit to Royal Windsor Horse Show, where the judge has the opportunity to take in your animal from all angles, and mark confirmation, temperament and ride together. The key to a successful Online Showing entry is always in the photograph, which must give the judge a clear picture of the horse or pony to enable him to give the animal the best mark. The best images are taken clearly from the side, in-focus, and are of a neat and tidy horse or pony. Remember, you can also use the photograph to your advantage – by picking an angle that shows off your horse’s best attributes and emphasizing weaknesses less.

Chief Virtual Windsor Judge, Nigel Hollings, says, “Obviously I am unable to judge the ride or see the performance from the some of the photographs as opposed to when I am judging in the show ring. Therefore I must assess the animals principally on their conformation and type.

A pony/horse with correct conformation should not only be pleasing to the eye but is likely to remain more sound and should give the jockey, and for that matter the judge, a comfortable ride.

Above all I am looking for a show horse/pony with natural presence which oozes quality and most importantly is the correct type for the class.”