Introducing. . . Startsmart

Gorgeous pieces for children you’ll be handing on to the next generation – Startsmart stock everything from pinafores to proper shirts for boys!

They say…
“Fiffa and Fred bought Startsmart in 2005, and we have worked really hard to try and produce clothes that are super smart, classic, high quality and good value for money. I feel like we have managed to do quite a good job with our vast range of stock for all occasions. Both Fred and I have grown up in the countryside our whole lives and our clothes are heavily influenced by what we wore as children and what we dressed our children in when they were growing up.

We have a majority of our clothes produced in Europe, but are proud to say that we get a high percentage now made in the UK. We are constantly ordering and getting new stock delivered throughout the year, making sure that our clothes are fresh and some made just for us. All of our customers that are on our mailing list, are notified when our new stock has arrived, where our next show will be and what fantastic offers we have in our sale room. ”

We love…