Six of the Best: Voltaire Saddles

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After many years of research by manufacturers Voltaire Design, the launch of the Blue Infinite in 2019 revolutionised the saddle world. The Blue Infinite is the world’s first connected saddle enabling the saddle to collect and analyse data to provide significant indicators on horse training, which can then be overlaid over video of the session. Beyond the connectivity the Blue Infinite incorporates the ActiveFlex patented tree technology with a revolutionary anatomically shaped high-tech sports foam panel system. The Blue Infinite is the world’s most advanced saddle available in Sport or Chic models


Timeless elegance, innovation, comfort and optimal performance – there are many reasons why many of the world’s leading riders choose the Palm Beach saddle by Voltaire Design. Developed by Voltaire Design’s inhouse research and development team in partnership with leading riders the Palm Beach enables riders improve their position. Offering market leading comfort and closeness of contact, the Palm Beach offers an excellent saddle choice for riders of all abilities. It has become the saddle of choice for a number of the greatest international riders, including Beezie Madden who has ridden in Palm Beach since 2011.


Staying true to Voltaire Design’s mantra for innovation, elegance and comfort the Stuttgart has all these things but also brings unrivalled support and stability for the rider and their position due to the engineering of the Stuttgart sea. This innovative saddle helps the rider maintain an ideal position, supporting the rider’s leg position restricting movement. With the support and stability offered by the Stuttgart, together with the unrivalled customisation offered by Voltaire Design this is the perfect saddle for those looking for a saddle to ‘do a bit of everything in’ as well as jumping to fulfil your full potential.


Resolutely elegant, the Adelaide’s refined look is timeless and embodies Voltaire Design’s devotion to elegance, performance and comfort. It is dedicated to riders looking to improve their dressage performance offering the maximum sensation, closeness of contact and precision for the rider’s leg.
The narrow twist ensures the Adelaide is comfortable for the rider for even the longest sessions whilst the ‘cut back’ tree ensures the Adelaide is easy to adjust and perfectly suited to be used for high-withered horses.


Voltaire Design’s mono flap jump saddle, the Lexington, was designed for Event Riders seeking performance, comfort and safety as well as an exceptionally light saddle and an incredibly close contact with the horse. The saddle has been the Cross Country saddle of choice for FEI World No 1 Event Rider Oliver Townend since 2012. An ever increasing number of Showjumpers are also now turning to this incredible saddle that does not compromise in it’s delivery of performance, comfort and security.


Voltaire Design’s iconic saddle for young riders and their ponies. The Welli’s position as one of the lightest saddles on the market is secured thanks to its wooden composite tree whilst the exquisite detailing makes it one of the most desirable saddles on the market. The Welli was developed to improve the position of the little rider and ensure optimal comfort in the saddle. If not cute enough already the saddle’s gullet is fully customizable in any colour or with the famous Voltaire Design stripes. Beautifully modelled here by adorable Voltaire Design brand ambassador Teddy The Shetland with Voltaire Design rider Rowan Willis.