Spotlight On. . . Fairfax & Favor

Mention Fairfax & Favor to any Royal Windsor Horse Show visitor and they’ll instantly know what you’re talking about. Those boots, those tassels, that beautiful country style. Treat yourself to a pair of their classic Regina boots which will take you city to country for years to come.

They say…
“Founded in 2013 by childhood friends, Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, Fairfax & Favor is a young British brand shaking up the luxury footwear market.

“We are a far cry from the ‘traditional luxury brands’ that many find unapproachable and aloof. We looked around us and saw it was the perfect time to do something different, to shake things up and offer an alternative to, dare I say, the same old boring companies.” Felix Favor Parker

Their distinctive footwear is a blend of classic British style and contemporary, laid-back elegance made with the highest quality materials. The result is a range of stunning, handmade shoes and boots, flexible enough to take you effortlessly from town to country and from smart to casual.

“The line between smart and casual is now completely blurred especially if, like us, you live with one foot in the country and one in the city. We really struggled to find shoes we liked and could wear everywhere, at a price we could afford.” Marcus Fairfax Fountaine

With headquarters in the scenic surroundings of old Norfolk, but with strong links to the city, Fairfax & Favor’s guiding principle is to create footwear that can be effortlessly worn at all social occasions no matter where you are. Whether you have just finished a day’s shooting in the country or you are heading to the smartest place in town, you can be quite confident that your Fairfax & Favor’s will never let you down.”

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