Spotlight On. . . Brass Tacks

The place to pick up your nameplates and headcollars, the Brass Tacks stand is a staple of showgrounds up and down the country. Alongside the highest quality pieces in English leather for your dog and horse, they also stock their new Ultimate Headcollar, with a clever clip system for maximum adaptation.

They say…
“Brass Tacks is a familiar sight to anyone in the equestrian world. This long established and reputable company stands for quality in English leather headcollars and brass nameplates.

We are rightly proud of our reputation for providing the finest quality English leather headcollars, with the very best brass engraving in the business. If you own a horse, it deserves the very best headcollar for horses. You can choose from our range of three exclusive headcollars, the classic, the Premium or the Ultimate. Whichever you choose, will include a beautifully engraved brass nameplate of the very highest quality, making you the envy of the stables. We take exceptional pride in our customer care.”

We love…