Spotlight On…Courtlea Numnahs

Courtlea® Numnahs provide Sheepskin Numnahs and Lambskin Numnahs for competitions, working hunters, endurance riding and more, as well as other products including ear plugs for horses, rein sleeves and many more sheepskin products.

They say:

Courtlea® Numnahs started by accident when Belinda’s son’s junior event horse was ill with a chronic blood disorder.  This horse went to the back of the stable every time the tack appeared despite having two of the best saddles at the time. Belinda made a numnah out of her grandmother’s fur coat to help give comfort without altering the fit of the saddle.  Mrs Marjorie Ramsay spotted these numnahs at a show and asked Belinda to fit them to her yard of show ponies, and Belinda is still making them today.  Whether it is a riser pad, wither pad, the numnah can be made exactly to the shape of the saddle and will stay in place and not move.

Belinda’s knowledge and understanding of the showing world really is second to none.  Do contact her with your requirements.

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