Spotlight On. . . Finer Equine

Luxury equestrian luggage to protect your equipment, Finer Equine‘s made-in-England range are an investment in your future!

They say…
“Combining beauty and innovation, our luxurious equestrian luggage range seamlessly combines innovative and highly functional designs with an esteemed quality of craft.

The Finer Equine equestrian luggage range showcases brand new ideas and designs such as our innovative new Stirrup Covers, never before seen in the equestrian market. We passionately believe in protecting your equestrian investments and our products are designed to do just that.

Performance and beauty lie in the Finer detail. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure lasting performance and a beautiful finish, such as genuine leather on our Saddle Covers and Bridle Bags. We work with the finest designers and craftsmen in Britain and ensure each item meets their high standards before leaving the workshop.

Our premium products are designed to reflect the superior quality of exceptional British craft and to stand the tests of time.”

We love…