Spotlight On. . . Timothy Foxx

Fabulously eccentric clothes made from gorgeous tweed and amazing fabrics, Timothy Foxx is the place to invest in pieces that will set you apart from the crowds!

They say…
“Timothy Foxx was founded in 2009 by clothing designer Rosalie Eustace, who at 25 decided to apply her vision and talent to a new business in beautiful, hand made tweed garments. We specialise in being designers and makers of Exceptionally Eccentric Tweed Clothing.

It began when Rosalie was gifted a sewing machine for her 16th birthday (how many other youngsters ask for that?!) and her passion for making clothing grew as she kitted out friends while studying design at Loughborough University. The popular Aimee skirt was one of these early creations!

“I started with an old tweed jacket which I ‘borrowed’ from my father’s wardrobe. Cheekily, I cut it up and created my first tweed mini skirt where I added a touch of vibrant silk colour and funky lining. The problem was that suddenly all my friends wanted to borrow it.”

“It spent so much time on loan I hardly ever got to wear it myself, so made another one. So I started creating bespoke tweed skirts for my friends, and the rest of the story is pretty obvious! Fortunately my father never missed his jacket, though I’ve since made sure it’s been replaced with a lovingly made Timothy Foxx original.”

We love…


Trinity Tweed jacket in Harmony, £349


Catherine Tweed Jacket in Foxglove, £359


Eliza Ruby Tweed Skirt in Eliza, £110