Podcast: Under the Saddle Podcast with Adam Cromarty and Rory Bremner

In this episode Adam is joined by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Donald Trump, Nelson Mandela, eventing stars Michael Jung and Oli Townend plus commentator Nick Brooks-Ward. Well ok, it’s Adam and Rory Bremner who is a horse show dad like no other! He is one of Britain’s most loved and sharpest comedians and impressionists! The hilarious conversation travels from Rory’s career to how he deals with ADHD and his new life as the dad of two daughters who ride to a high level

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Adam also presents The Lunch Hour on Under the Saddle Live – weekdays at 12 noon GMT – a daily fix of the music you love and the equestrian news you need. It’s a mix of music, prominent equestrian stories, celebrity rider news and the ‘Olympic Year Time Tunnel’ where equestrian clues and five songs give listeners an opportunity to guess the year.

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