Virtual Windsor Competition Information, FAQs & Downloads



Judged by some of the UK’s top Showing judges, Virtual Windsor’s Online Showing classes are open to entries from both the UK and abroad.

Entries are made by submitting a photograph to be judged, and it is free to enter. This competition is open to both amateur and professional riders who are judged ‘blind’ on an equal footing – the winners really are the ‘best in the world’!

Entries are encouraged to wear appropriate Show attire. Classes are split between the Autumn and Winter Series, with the Autumn Series hosting classes for Show and Working animals, and the Winter Series showcasing international breed classes, alongside Senior and Mountain and Moorland sections.


Equitation Jumping

Designed with virtual competition in mind, Equitation Jumping is a discipline based on Prix Caprilli. Entries are taken in the form of a short video to a specific test which includes three jumps arranged according to a particular stride pattern. Competitors are then marked on the horse’s way of going, and the rider’s skill and technique – the ultimate test of horsemanship!

Equitation Jumping is free to enter and open to entries from around the world. The Autumn Series competition will be divided into two sections, U16s (open to competitors who were aged under 16 on 1st January 2020) and Open.


The Pony Club Home International Dressage

A competition which has previously taken place at Royal Windsor Horse Show, the Pony Club Home International Dressage pits teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland against each other.

Selection for teams will be open to all current members of The Pony Club. To enter, competitors will submit a video to the Pony Club website. The top-scored tests from the qualifying rounds will form the team entered for the International. There will be an entry fee of £12 for the qualifying rounds. All payments will be handled by the Pony Club; any queries relating to your payment should be made directly to them. More information on how to enter will be available shortly.

For more information see HERE.

Entry for the Pony Clup Dressage Championship can be made HERE.


The RDA Dressage Challenge, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery

Run in accordance with RDA rules, the Virtual Windsor RDA Dressage Challenge, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, is free to enter and open to all riders. Judged as one championship section, competitors will select the appropriate test for their grade from a choice of eight (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Intellectual Disability Walk Only, Intellectual Disability Walk & Trot and Intellectual Disability Canter) and submit a video. The tests will then be judged, with the best scores across all tests taking the top places.


Entries will only be accepted via our Competition Entry Form which will be available on the Competitions tab of the Virtual Windsor website.

Unfortunately, we will not accept any entries made via Social Media.

Entries are open from Friday 14th August 2020 and close at midday (UK local time) on Friday 4th September 2020.

Please note we are unable to accept late entries, so make sure to submit your entry in plenty of time before the midday deadline to avoid disappointment.

Fantastic news! Our entry form has been updated to include an automatic photo resize, meaning you do not have to worry about resizing your image. Just follow the on-screen instructions on the entry form.

When you select a class that requires a video upload (Class 8, 16 or 17) you will be presented with a video record or upload facility. The upload ONLY works from mobile devices (smartphones/tablets – NOT desktops). Please ensure your video is available within your mobile device photo/video library or similar, or you can take a video there and then on your smartphone/tablet. The system will then know what to do with it.

All classes are free to enter apart from The Pony Club Home International Dressage competition. For the Pony Club competition there will be an entry fee of £12 which will be paid directly to the Pony Club. Entries to the Pony Club competition can be found HERE.

Competition rules can be found here. Please take the time to look at the Rules as they also include a few of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

Competitors are strongly encouraged to wear their competition attire. For the Online Showing, attire should be suitable for the breed or type entered. Pony Club Dressage attire should correspond with the rules in The Pony Club Handbook. Competitors in the Equitation Jumping may wear showing, showjumping or cross country attire. Should competitors not have competition attire, a neat and tidy appearance is acceptable. Please note any equipment deemed to be dangerous will result in disqualification.

Tests for the Equitation Jumping, the Pony Club Dressage and the RDA Dressage Challenge can be found below.

Entries will only be accepted via our Competition Entry Form but please feel free after entering to post your entry with the #virtualwindsor2020 on a Public Instagram account for the chance to be included on our Social Media feeds.

We will be posting a selection of the entries we receive each day via our Social Media feeds.

We will announce the Top 10s for Showing and Equitation Jumping via the Virtual Windsor website and our Social Media feeds by 18th September.

The Entries team will also email the successful competitors via the email address on your entry form to let you know if you have made the Top 10.

Final placings will be announced during the Virtual Windsor Autumn Series Livestream on the 25th – 27th September. Timings will be announced closer to the time.

The Entries team can be contacted at

Test Downloads

Here you will find downloadable PDFs showing the nature of each test, relevant to the class/discipline you wish to enter. Click on a button to download the PDF.