Virtual Windsor Pageant: AMAALA’s Party Guide!

Organise your own Pageant Party with a little help from our supporter AMAALA, who know a thing or two about combining a great occasion with the very best in food and refreshments. 

According to Director of Food and Beverage Anthony Darroman at AMAALA selecting a signature drink to make the occasion is important. Find one with your favourite ingredients and one that includes seasonal fruits or garnishes. It’s also vital to be very selective about the food you serve. We’ve all been practicing social distancing and felt a bit locked up being confined to our homes over the last few weeks. Use this opportunity to present flavourful and healthy dishes that include garden fresh, sustainable produce. Try a simple approach to your food preparation. Focus on quality, and try and make everything from scratch. For AMAALA, it is all about using natural ingredients.




Although we cannot be together at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this year, we are delighted to present this handy guide to mark the occasion with your family and friends. We felt it was apropos for AMAALA, as a supporter of the 77th Royal Windsor Horse Show, to share some of our event planning and entertaining insights with you.

AMAALA is an ultra luxury destination being developed along the Red Sea in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. Featuring world-class facilities across three sites, AMAALA will allow travellers to experience the very best in wellness, art, culture, sports – including beautifully-designed equestrian facilities, programming and polo. The destination will redefine the tourism experience by presenting expertly curated journeys of holistic self-transformation. Complementing the project will be a selection of top resorts, elegant residences, bespoke retail, and world-class restaurants helmed by popular chefs and a few soon-to-be-discovered culinary stars.

Select from our team’s favourite refreshing drinks and hors d’oeuvres, along with music and décor tips, and invite your equestrian-loving friends and family straight into your living room to share in the colour and pomp of Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Nicholas Naples
Chief Executive Officer

AMAALA is a new journey where luxury is redefined.
A journey that transforms you – body, mind and soul. A journey full of meaning, where every experience is unique, having been delicately designed, expertly curated and flawlessly created for your individual and personal needs.

Above scarcity. Beyond exclusivity. Unconditional, absolutely bespoke.